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How to Make Money with Your Music aims at teaching musicians how to take their music and then structure it to be a profitable business endeavor. With a focus on long term, sustainable success, this course will start with the fundamentals of business and the music industry, from there teaching you how to identify clear goals and blueprints that help run businesses that are healthy financially and creatively. This course will also teach you how to take your personal story and art and turn it into profitable products without compromising on the authenticity of your project or music.

This course comes with a FREE workbook, so check out the materials tab!

Materials for this Course:  How to Make Money with Your Music Workbook Included in this course is the How to Make Money with Your Music Workbook. This detailed and extensive workbook not only summarizes important points of the course, but it also expands on vital topics and offers you resources, exercises, and tools that you can start to use immediately! If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

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Section 1 - Strong Beginnings
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Section 2 - Storytelling
Section 3 - The E-Commerce Mentality