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This mini focuses entirely on mapping out your goals alongside the type of release you'd like to have. Whether you're releasing one isolated single, singles over time, or one big album, there are many ways to approach releasing music into the world based on the results you want to see. We will learn to define the function of our release. Do you want to focus on profiting or outreach? "Do I have to choose?" No you don't, but you should know how to answer that before kicking off your release campaign. It is important to understand that we have the ability to choose whether we want to prioritize outreach (cultivating a fanbase), profiting (selling as much as possible), or striking up a balance and aiming for both. This mini will feature applications of concepts and topics discussed in How to Make Money with Your Music, the Social Media Advertising Mini, Merch Booth Mini, and the Booking Mini to give you total control over your release.