How to Make Money with Your Music

This tutorial will
teach you:

  • How to make your music into a profitable business.
  • How to build long-term sustainable success
  • How to identify clear goals that help you run your music business
  • How to take your personal story and art and turn it into profitable products without compromising your integrity as an artist.d

How to Make Money with Your Music aims at teaching musicians how to take their music and then structure it to be a profitable business endeavor. With a focus on long term, sustainable success, this course will start with the fundamentals of business and the music industry, from there teaching you how to identify clear goals and blueprints that help run businesses that are healthy financially and creatively. This course will also teach you how to take your personal story and art and turn it into profitable products without compromising on the authenticity of your project or music.

Before We Begin – Your Free Lesson

This lesson is the first step to building a strong foundation for a healthy and successful career in music. The modules in this lesson build upon each other, encouraging a proper mindset for running a successful business in music.

Strong Beginnings

Introduction to the foundations of How to Make Money with Your Music. This video summarizes what to expect from this course.

  • Introduction to the material covered in the coursework
  • An overview on what will be covered.

4 Mindset Shifts

Before we do anything, we must make sure that we rewire the way we think about ourselves, our music, and our place in the business world. This video introduces four crucial mindset shifts that position us to aim for success.

  • Mindset can make all the difference
  • How to cultivate a mindset that helps you achieve success.

How To Make Money With Your Music

Here are the foundations for getting your music to work FOR you.

Section 1:
Strong Beginnings

Change Your Mindset

Before any structure is built, you need to make sure that the ground is leveled and the foundation is strong. Building a successful career in music operates the exact same way. Section 1 strengthens your foundation by teaching you the fundamentals of business, the music industry, and also introduces vital mindset shifts that are pivotal to success. These mindset shifts will support you as you set unapologetic goals for both you and your business, and will allow you to plan and take actionable steps to achieve them.


Brand Your Story

If setting goals is what your story is, then branding is how your story is told. Section 2 is focused on teaching you how to discover your authentic story and how to represent it in a powerful and effective way. Branding isn’t just about having a cool-looking logo; it is about having a full and dynamic understanding of how to tell your story cohesively from the visuals to social behavior.

Section 3:
The E-Commerce Mentality

Brand Your Story

If goals are what our story is and branding is how our story is told, the e-commerce mentality outlines how our story is sold. Section 3 focuses on the different ways that we can create sustainable streams of income for our business of music. By understanding the different types of income streams and how they can each work together, we can merge that with everything we’ve learned so far and create a business that fulfills us creatively and supports us financially.

How to make money with your music Topic List

Section 1: Strong Beginnings

  • Before We Begin
  • Strong Beginnings
  • 4 Mindset Shifts
  • Entrepreneurship: Harness Your Power
  • Business 101
  • Fundamentals of Business
  • Register Your LLC
  • Contracts and Protection
  • STAT Goals: Proper Goal Setting
  • Find Your Missing Puzzle Piece
  • Set Goals for You and Your Business
  • Use Goal Trackers to Push Your Career

Section 2: Storytelling

  • Branding
  • What is Branding?
  • Unlock Your Story
  • Pocket ASES: Play Your Strong Hand
  • Necessary Materials
  • Master the Bio Pitch Formula
  • Create and Utilize Materials to get Gigs
  • Learn 6 Techniques to Sell Yourself

Section 3: The E-Commerce Mentality

  • The Business of Our Music
  • The Truth About Music and What We Do
  • Money and Music
  • How Will Your Money Be Spent?
  • Four Ways to Increase Your Profits
  • Implement 4 Ways to Increase Profits
  • Analyze Your Expenses
  • Create and Utilize Customer Lists
  • Avenues of Money
  • Differentiate between Passive and Active Income
  • Create Multiple Streams of Income
  • Budget Your Money, Time & Energy

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  • How to Make Money with Your Music
  • Merch Booth Mini
  • Social Media Advertising 
  • Music Release Mini
  • Booking Shows Mini
  • Setting Up An Apparel Store Mini
  • Brand Identity Mini