The Cadence Labs

Artists that Believe in the Business of Our Music
Our Mission

Artistic freedom through entrepreneurship

The Cadence Labs is a music industry educational platform presented by PopRiot Music Group which aims at teaching musicians on how to turn their craft into a profitable business that’s focused on long term, sustainable success. By treating our music like a business, artists ensure that they are always acting within the authenticity of their art while also prioritizing the growth of their business. The Cadence Labs covers topics that range from the fundamentals like business and music industry essentials to utilizing advertising in order to actually make money on products and, of course, everything in between.

PopRiot Music Group

PopRiot Music Group is an artist-centric, boutique music label whose mission is to equip artists and musicians with the tools, knowledge, and resources to not only understand the industry, but, more importantly, to find their place in it in order to have successful careers. PopRiot’s relationships with their roster artists allow them the opportunity to develop effective release and marketing strategies that bolster the authenticity of their artists.  

Meet Our Team

Athena Hiotis

President/CEO of PopRiot Music Group
Co-Founder of The Cadence Labs

Athena Hiotis is the President/CEO of PopRiot Music Group and co-founder of The Cadence Labs. A member of two rock bands, Prism Waves and Circuit Villains, Athena has always believed that education will always fuel progress and that a balance of business-minded and creative approaches yields the best results on a professional and artistic level. That balance has taught her how to take big, calculated risks while always staying true to her art. From hiring a Hollywood actor for a music film to booking an international tour through social media ads, she’s made it a point to not only dream big, but try big. And that’s what she wants to teach people. Her upcoming debut book “A Link to Success” focuses on what the Legend of Zelda video game series teaches us about being successful entrepreneurs. 

Jame McElroy

Marketing Manager of PopRiot Music Group
Co-Founder of The Cadence Labs

Jame McElroy is the marketing manager of PopRiot Music Group and co-founder of The Cadence Labs. For over a decade, his involvement in his local music scenes has allowed him to identify what is often a void for many bands and musicians: the power of physical products. From printing band merchandise to his years of experience on the road as a touring musician and merch manager, his front-hand knowledge on how bands and musicians can aim to make lifelong customers has turned into his passion. Jame is also the owner of Dirty Bourbon Clothing, a tattoo inspired streetwear clothing line that supports chronic and mental illness. He is a major advocate of honoring your authentic story and creating a path toward creative and financial success through that.