How to Make Money with Your Music

Turn your music project into a profitable business without ever compromising on your art.

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Merch Booth Mini

Walk into any size room and be able to set up a killer and successful merch booth that maximizes engagement and sales.

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Social Media Ad Mini

Harness the power of social media advertising to find lifetime fans and convert them into customers.

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Booking Mini

Learn how to book successful shows; utilize social media to bring fans out; and approach venues and booking agents for all types of shows from festivals, venue gigs, or tours.

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Music Release Mini

Step-by-step blueprints for making any type of music release successful regardless of whether it’s a single or an album.

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Apparel Store Mini

Dive into the benefits of selling physical products while promoting your art through your own apparel store.

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Brand Identity Mini

Elevate every aspect of your music project and increase fan engagement, successful sales, and booked gigs by learning how to build strong brand identity and awareness.

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our Entire Music Business suite Only $60

Here is a list of the courses that will be available:

  • How to Make Money with Your Music
  • Merch Booth Mini
  • Social Media Advertising 
  • Music Release Mini
  • Booking Shows Mini
  • Setting Up An Apparel Store Mini
  • Brand Identity Mini
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  • How To Make Money With Your Music


    How to Make Money with Your Music aims at teaching musicians how to take their music and then structure it to be a profitable business endeavor. With a focus on long term, sustainable success, this course will start with the fundamentals of business and the music industry, from there teaching you how to identify clear goals and blueprints that help run businesses that are healthy financially and creatively. This course will also teach you how to take your personal story and art and turn it into profitable products without compromising on the authenticity of your project or music.

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